We help build, market and empower environmental and inclusive based business models for the greatest impact and investment return.


  • Business Growth, Tax & Capital Stack Optimisation
  • Compliance (tax, legal, finance)
  • Methodology Design
  • ROI2 (Return on Impact/Investment) Investment, Fundraising & Crowdfunding Strategy
  • Technology Architecture
  • Marketing and Business Development

Our Fields of expertise

  • DEI
  • ESG
  • Cc.io (impact output)
  • Compliance Opportunity Zone & Qualified Small Business Tax Benefits
  • Financial Indices
  • Blockchain Cryptography
  • Web3 Applications
  • Health / Med / Wellness Tech
  • EdTech
  • HardTech
  • GreenTech

Our Portfolio of incubated companies and clients

DEIXA was founded on the principals and mission of a Decentralized, Equality, Inclusion, maXimum, Action Web3 community platform; developed to elevate and advance diversity, equality and inclusion (DEI) by empowering, recognizing & rewarding participants in the ecosystem. The peer-to-peer community ecosystem introduces a revolutionary decentralized framework wherein it serves as the global conduit for advancing Decentralized Equality Inclusion (DEI) by empowering the voice, actions, recognition and rewards of participants every day!
Buoy is a product and design company dedicated to replacing single-use products made from virgin materials with 100% recyclable products made out of 100% recycled, non-virgin material in a circular economy.
Advancing Equality Impact Fund is in pursuit of advancing the corporate culture of diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI), while aligning with the principles of environmental, social, governance (ESG) and transparency into corporate America. Advancing Equality’s Board of Directors include Barney Frank, Martina Navratilova, Deborah Fuhr and Andrea Breana
Founded in 2005, Beauty Society is a skincare and cosmetic manufacturer that sells directly to the customer. Its skincare product line, all produced in-house, is cruelty free and eco-friendly.



Repeat entrepreneur, multi-million dollar brand builder, board member, business and product consultant & advisor with a deep ingrained understanding of market trends and customer needs across the greentech, edtech, deeptech, fintech, entertainment and b2b & consumer tech industries. She mixes instinct and data to deliver insights and guidance, with a focus on actionnables and efficiency. Anouk believes that making the world a better place comes from a deep transformation at the very core in education and ESG/DEI driven innovations. Anouk loves people who don’t take themselves seriously.

Eric “Occo” Weber

Purpose-driven strategic and operational entrepreneur, founder, investor, and advisor in ESG, DEI, fintech, and healthtech industries, with expertise and a track record in tax-incentive programs and financial methodologies that are as beneficial to investors as they are to the communities.

As an experienced operation executive manager and founder, I worked with a variety of domestic and international corporations and start-ups building cross-functional teams and structures. This led me to the clear vision to support meaningful projects and build an inclusive team based on a transparent and equality foundation.


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